Champ 2417 RB Product Launch

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The Champ 2417 delivers high productivity in a small package. With a 24" cleaning path, the Champ 2417 cleans 20% faster than similarly sized 20" rider scrubbers.


Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use. A single button controls the scrub deck and vacuum motor.

  • Maneuverable. The compact design, combined with a squeegee that swings tightly around the scrub deck, lets you pick up water during sharp turns.

  • Efficient. Scrub up to 32,100 ft2 per hour and make fewer trips to refill the machine because of the Champ 2417's sizable 17-gallon solution tank.

  • Conservation mode. Press the green leaf button to operate the scrubber with minimal water flow, chemical usage, brush speed and vacuum motor speed for maximum water and power efficiency.


Product Specifications

Cleaning Path   24 in (61 cm)
Type   Two 12 in (30 cm) pads
Pad Driver (Standard)   Two 12 in Poly block tufted
Brush (Aftermarket)   Two 12 in Nylon brush
Solution Tank   17 Gal (64 l)
Recovery Tank   17 Gal (64 l)
Type   Curved
Width   30.3 in (77 cm)
Squeegee Blade   Linatex Rubber
Brush Motor    
Type   Permanent Magnet
Power   0.33 HP (250 W)
Speed   175 RPM
Pressure   55 lb (25 kg)
Vacuum Motor    
Type   3-stage, bypass
Power   0.54 HP (400 W)
Waterlift   50 in (1168 mm)
Drive Motor    
Type   Permanent Magnet
Power   0.40 HP (300 W)
Drive Speed   Up to 3.1 mph (5 kph)
Drive Wheel   7.9" (20 cm) non-marking rubber
Voltage   24V
Battery Options   2 x 12V, 135 AH Wet Acid
    2x 12V, 110 AH AGM
Run Time   130 AH Wet Acid, 2.5 Hours
    110 AH AGM, 2.0 Hours
Battery Charger   On-board, 100V - 240V
Sound Level   69 dBA
Size (L x W x H)   52 x 23.6 x 44.5 inches
    134 x 77 x 113 cm
Weight (without batteries)   566 lbs (257 kg)
Theoretical   32,100 ft2 / hr (2982 m2 / hr)
Practical   14,900 ft2 /hr (1384 m2 / hr)


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