Do No Harm

NSS has always been driven by a company culture that respects the environment as well as the safety of our customer-operators.

Environmental Stewardship

Do No HarmNSS is pleased to offer insight into our longstanding and ongoing adherence to the concept of “Do No Harm”. We are proud to be industry’s only privately held, owner-operated full line commercial floor and carpet cleaning machine company. Represented by more than 600 distributors in over sixty countries, our sustained growth is the result of decades of product superiority, customer obsession and a commitment to “do the right thing”.

NSS Product Design = Green Results

LeafMany members of the NSS Product Development Team are probably on your payroll. That’s because we listen to operators and believe in product evolution, as well as revolution. Certainly we’ve developed breakthrough products over the years, but our process doesn’t start at some secret skunkworks. Our approach is simple: we listen to customers who use our equipment, evaluate their needs and constantly improve, or re-invent.

At NSS, each and every new product design parameter begins with what might be called our product mantra–“Enduring quality”. You may find it amazing that NSS products typically have 30% fewer parts than competitors. The simple truth is that fewer parts cost less to maintain, to repair or replace.

Durability, longevity and flexibility are designed into every piece of NSS equipment. Planned obsolescence is designed out. It takes an incredible amount of engineering savvy to achieve simplicity, but that has always been our goal. Because our products are built to last, you’ll find NSS equipment hard at work for years–and even decades—after competitors’ products have failed and made the trip to a landfill.

Clean Green Battery Power

Do No HarmNSS has always been driven by a company culture that respects the environment as well as the safety of our customer-operators. There is no doubt that the cumulative effects of the industrial revolution are having an unsettling effect on our world. New scientific evidence is emerging with great regularity, confirming that each step taken to attenuate the effects of pollution and global warming is a step in the right direction.

As we plan for the future of NSS, we realize there will likely be a shift toward greater reliance on battery-powered equipment which is typically cleaner, safer and more convenient to operate. Battery technology is improving rapidly and future advances are not that far off. Already we have received very positive feedback on the performance features and advantages of our existing batterypowered equipment.

We treasure our customers as well as our employees. And we firmly believe that in today’s global marketplace “If a manufacturer is not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem”.

Product Green Features

  • 100% of raw component shipping materials are reused
  • 100% of NSS batteries are recycled and recyclable
  • 100% of steel used in product frames is recyclable
  • NSS filter bags contain 90% recycled paper
  • NSS equipment handles adjust to operator height
  • NSS offers high-efficiency HEPA filters
  • NSS equipment features adjustable water flow for conservation

Operator-Friendly Ergonomics

The concept of “Do No Harm” dates to Hippocrates and ancient Greece, but it remains as relevant today, not only for the healthcare profession, but for all professions and all business enterprises.

SpineNSS knows that quality ergonomic design pays off by enhancing value with the economic benefits of improved productivity and greater worker satisfaction. Among the principal ergonomic features of any NSS machine are:

  • Handles adjust to match any operator height
  • Padded handles increase operator comfort
  • All machines are designed to be compact and easy to maneuver
  • Large solution tanks mean less refilling
  • Battery powered machines eliminate tripping hazards
  • Tilting pads make replacement easier on operator backs

Creating high performance cleaning machines that "do no harm" entails more than just building equipment with straight-line speed, efficiency, flexibility, power and/or holding capacity. That's why at NSS, our products are first "human engineered" with features to protect the health and safety of the operator.