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ISO 9001

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Since 1911, NSS Enterprises, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial cleaning solutions. NSS’s automatic scrubbers, battery burnishers, carpet extractors, vacuums, and floor machines are distributed to more than 60 countries. With a long tradition of designing durable equipment, NSS can provide green cleaning machines with undeniable quality, value and reliability.


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New Products

Learn more about the new eForce Scrubber!


eForce ScrubbereForce® Scrubber

26" and 32" Ride-on scrubber

NSS’s eForce Scrubber breaks with tradition and delivers an easy to use, easy to operate rider scrubber that’s unlike anything you have seen before. Climb on the seat and point the joystick where you want to go. With no effort whatsoever, the eForce Scrubber takes you there. And, tight turns are no problem for the eForce Scrubber. It can turn on a dime thanks to its unique joystick control.

Featured Products

eForce Burnisher

eForce® Burnisher

Ride-on battery burnisher

The eForce® Burnisher features the best burnishing technology in the industry combined with the superior productivity of a riding platform.

Overhead Ceiling, Wall and Pipe Tool KitOverhead Ceiling, Wall and Pipe Tool Kit

Clean hard to reach areas with the Model M-1 Pig

Vacuum up to 20 feet in the air safely and effectively without ever leaving the floor.

Pacer 12 UE

Pacer 12 / 15 UE

single-motor upright

The Pacer 12 / 15 UE is the best value in single-motor uprights. All of the features you need are bundled into this affordable package.